Although the interest from the 'real fans' was tremendous, we had
a constant battle to get airplay due to the big money men that didn't
want our song to be heard. We will return for the Euro2008 more
determined than ever to have an anthem that can and will be sung
on the terraces and in the pubs.
Check back closer to the date or email me to register an interest
and be kept updated on developments.

A 30sec clip of the English Anthem

A 30sec clip of the Dance version.

A BIG thanks to everyone we met and all that supported us:
Paul & Clive from el4sport,
Tim Murray, shirleysbarmyarmy, 365Englandfans,
Dexter from A Touch of Class, Debs from ukevents, all the guys
at AND Magazine, Jamie from 3-Lions and Colin from Indie Launchpad.